H&M Elements Festival Zone

Creative interpretation and realization of the HM Zone at the Colours of Ostrava festival in cooperation with Dudes&Barbies. The conception #HMelements marked by four elements (each of them – water, air, fire, earth – represents one of functional parts of the two-storey Zone, and will have its own “temple” assigned) in the connection with the fifth element - @hm. The whole Zone and the programme were designed in the spirit of sustainability and recycling. This impressive building was unique in terms of using the construction material – the building was constructed of the system of steel dismantlable constructions, which used to be used as provisional pillars of railway bridges. With the H&M Elements Festival Zone we have been categorized among the shortlisted works at the Bea World international competition in the Sustainable Innovation category. For the event we have been awarded the first place at the Czech Event Association awards.