#jdetoivirtualne - Part 2 - Christmas parties

#jdetoivirtualne - Part 1 - Business Conference


Virtual events

A unique solution when you don’t want or can’t meet in person. We will prove you that realisation of virtual events isn’t just matter of technical solution but also essential questions such as the concept and engagement of the participants. Even from the virtual event, guests can take away an experience!

We will create unique studio including tailored-made graphics, design a sufficiently attractive concept, speakers, communication process with attendees, modify presentation and prepare the possibilities of audience involvement through questions and answers, games, tasks, workshops and many other elements.

Virtual event brings many benefits, you can realise it practically anytime, anywhere, using range of innovative virtual world options, reduce financial cost, minimise carbon footprint, gain lot of data and easily evaluate efficiency.

Content for each event type

Not just a conference! Thanks to creative approach we can also prepare in the virtual world for example meeting with employees, kick-off sales team meetings, product launch, team building, webinar, workshop, informal meeting or even cultural event for the public.

You can address your employees, business partners, the public and other segments.

Technical solution

Our virtual studio allows you to create virtually any environment including 3D objects and multilevel moti-on, fully personalised graphics and even the engagement of ready-made videos and other materials. Speakers and guests enter directly from the studio or remotely via Skype. However, the soluti-on practically works with every communication platform your company uses. So you don’t have to worry about integration and complicated settings.

Professional consultation

We understand, that the virtual event is new for most of you. Don’t hesitate to contact us - we will be glad to provide you with a professional consultation to present the possibilities, set the key questions and name the individual steps. It’s easy, leave us your contact details and we will get back to you!